Steam Cleaners Guide

What Exactly is a Steam Cleaner?

Steam Cleaner

Professional Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are devices that store and boil reservoirs of water, releasing a very pressurized amount of steam that reaches temperatures exceeding 240°F (115C). They can clean and disinfect the areas that they are used over, from the heat produced from the internal boiler alone. Residential models are the size of a vacuum.

Industrial-grade cleaner varieties can be much larger. One interesting bit of history is that steam cleaning has been used for over 150 years. The original use for it was to clean oil from inside large machinery.

Steam Cleaners Types

There are several kinds that you can choose from to suit your steam cleaning needs.

Vertical Cleaners stand upright and offer really powerful suction. These usually come with attachment for cleaning curtains, stairs, furniture, and other surfaces such as these. These often come with any accessories you desire.

Canister Cleaners have a hose and nozzle separated from them, with a suction engine built-in. It’s lighter than your average steam cleaner, letting you get to certain crevices that you can’t with other models.

Robotic Cleaners essentially do the manpower for you. These models are great for those with limited mobility, as they either do the work themselves or can be controlled by a remote. More advanced models have a station that comes with them so that they can self-charge. High-tech, but more expensive.

Handheld Cleaners are, as the name suggests, handheld and compact. These are optimal for cleaning up spills, such as from drinks that a child has tipped over, or a stain in the rug.

Steam Cleaners Uses

Uses incline steam ironing, removing wallpaper and in-ground things, like bubblegum, from carpets; eradicating pests, especially in clothes and bed sheets; cleansing floor and wall grout, clearing out coils from refrigerator units and air conditioners, vinyl and siding (see pressure washers) – including common uses, like general carpet disinfection, cleaning sinks, and cleaning surfaces on appliances.

Some Advantages of using Steam Cleaners

Along with cleaning practically anything you desire, it will make your living environment much more sanitary. This will equate to a more refreshing experience in the home. The general feeling of cleanliness can be a relief to many, because they know that they are doing everything they can to keep their home well-kept.

Buying a Steam Cleaner

Never get one with a plastic body. Look for stainless steel model construction varieties. Get one with accessories you need, and always inquire about replacement parts; if no replacement parts are offered, take your business elsewhere. Check out carpet steam cleaners and floor steam cleaners for specific kinds.

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