Floor Steam Cleaners

When talking about floor steam cleaners, what people are usually referring to are steam mops. A steam mop is very much like any other mop, but it utilizes the same principles as other models of steam cleaner (see Pressure Washers and Vacuum Cleaners for other examples). Once more, it has a reservoirs that holds water, and it heats up to a high temperature.

Most floor steamers have a microfiber pad that traps in dirt and debris from the floors. The steam moistens the microfibers while releasing the spray across the floor, which not only cleans dirt, but completely removes it. The heat can kill up to 99% of any bacteria found on the surfaces you clean.

Floor Steam Cleaner Qualities and Advantages

As compared to other implements used to clean your floors, they cannot match up to the capabilities that steam cleaning can. Steam cleaning is very effective at rendering your floors spotless and like-new. Whereas regular mops merely drag the debris along, steam mops will trap it into the layers of their pads as it goes along.

If you have dust mites or other unwanted critters, steam cleaning your floors will eliminate them. You can remove stains, restore shine in your linoleum, disinfect your walking space, and have an overall cleaner home.

Floor Steam Cleaners Uses

Well, these are rather one-purpose tools, much like carpet steam cleaners. They are used exactly like a mop. You run the microfiber pad along the surfaces of your floors, and the steam jets release steam to clean them. Because it is designed for smooth, level surfaces, you won’t find any use in using one for other purposes other than your non-carpeted floor. You should seek a general guide on steam cleaners for alternative applications.

Buying a Floor Steam Cleaner

  • You should look for models that release steam for just being turned in the on position. Several models require you to pump a handle to release the steam, but this is generally more work than you should have to put into it
  • Always look for ones with high-quality materials in their construction
  • Find ones that have a dial so that you can adjust how much steam you want for your flooring. Depending on flooring type, some can’t handle higher amounts
  • Other than that, make sure you find a floor steam cleaner model comfortable to handle

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